Than Volk 2010-2011 Winter Season Ski Edit & Photo Recap – The Teton Session Episode 14.5  

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If you’d asked me a year ago if I thought I’d be a bum at one of world’s greatest resorts having skied through one of its snowiest seasons on record, I would have told you you were crazy. Hole’s Raymer Plot is currently 3″ short of 700″ and their Rendezvous Plot’s 172″ base is 6″ above all instrumentation. Forget the numbers and watch the video, though–I believe it speaks for itself.

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Much thanks for support and inspiration from , Brian Swendseid, Andrew Whiteford, Don Watkins, Julie Weinberger, Jason Smith, Michelle Smith, Kevin Wittig, Jeff Brines, Griffin Post, Todd Ligare, Ryan Halverson, Julian Carr, John Wells, Jordan Kunz, Rachel Shaver, Jared Ishkanian, Abe Kislevitz, Tim Konrad, Andy Lewicky and everyone else I’m forgetting. Here’s to what’s been a truly remarkable [and safe] season…and to many more.

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My favorite daily photos from the season:

D98 // The view down Little Cottonwood Canyon from @SnowbirdSki’s Hidden Peak

D97 // Not bad for the last day of May at @SnowbirdSki

D96 // Another gorgeous day on Teton Pass with @brittmumma

D89 // Finally figured out the on Teton Pass today

D87 // A grab from my while heading down Glory Bowl this evening

D82 // Got my first Corbet’s in today AND THEN laid first tracks down one of the Air Force Couloirs

D81 // It’s been a good run, Tram Burger. Same place next year?

D79 // Got my first Granite on today and was it FLUFFY! Thanks for showing me around, Danny!

D71 // Super fun and springy up on the hill today, with plenty of big lines up high getting hit

D69 // Will Hagna coasts off a in Rocks Springs Canyon after a sleeper run through Four Pines today

D65 // Got my first taste of @Grand_Targhee today. No crowds and plenty of soft stashes before the snow moved in

D64 // What a day! Bluebird with 14″ of fresh in Casper Bowl and the Crags

D51 // The rime crust’s building up on the Tram dock

D39 // Just another bluebird day in paradise with 5″ of fresh

D31 // Stoked to have my first Spacewalk in the books

D21 // Watching the Tram go by from Dick’s Ditch

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